Thursday, August 30, 2012

Diana-Numerologist and Julia-Clairvoyance: As Psychic as Aunt Jemima: Review

After 10 months on the Net with very little business, the owners of bought an email list with your name and birthdate so they could send your "Grand Study" to your mailbox free of charge. Diana's clone shares word-for-word the same biography, the same server in the Netherlands and the same fee scale. Are they really British aristocrats slumming on the Net? Sylvia checked out both Diana and Julia for quality, price, and refund policies.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tupak Visionary Shaman Gets a Makeover

To entice you, Tupak the Visionary Shaman just a week ago changed his clothes, pose, look, personality and name (to "George Tupak") and re-did his website because he wasn't getting your business. See and compare the old and new Tupak homepages to see how an online fake-psychic business tries harder to make you shell out. A unique lesson in business gimmickry. You can also vote there on which Tupak you prefer.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Would You Love a Free Birth Chart & Personality Profile?

I found the 5 best websites offering instant free birth (natal) horoscope charts and interpretations and tested them for truth and accuracy. None of them require registration or your email address; just input your birth date, place and time, and see what they say. They make the classic Western zodiac horoscope charts. Hope they enlighten and fascinate you.