Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Norah and Jenna: Samples of Their $80 Paid Readings

Two Horoscope Review readers shared what they got when they paid $80 for full readings from two rake-it-in fake astrologer/clairvoyants: Norah of premiumastrology.com, who wrote to Yasmin, and Jenna of aboutastro.com, who advised Siddharth. Click the links to see the real thing. I am told by other readers that Jenna, although she's a "bot" just like Norah, is very popular in Europe.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Future of the USA: What Astrologers Are Saying

One astrologer actually predicted a people's uprising against big business--and there it is, the "Occupy" movement. That's just one of the vast social and cultural changes the next 80-year planetary cycle -- beginning now -- will bring to the United States. We U.S. citizens know we can't thrive with the government stalled out and the economy falling apart. As the three outer transpersonal planets all change signs, what changes will emerge? For the better? For the worse? Read more.

Horoscope Review: Facebook and Twitter Horoscope Mobile Version

Dailyhoroscopes.net is the source for Facebook's and Twitter's most popular daily horoscopes -- those with the colorful bar graphs showing "percentages" of astrological good luck for the day. Now you can read those free horoscopes using a mobile phone. The question is, do you want to? Read the review.

Horoscope Review: "My Horoscope" Smartphone App from ID Mobile SA

"My Horoscope," a mobile daily-horoscope app from ID Mobile SA, has been downloaded more than a million times from iTunes and Android Market. Is it real astrology? Read my review of the app's accuracy and usability.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Zoradamus Exploits the Good Name of a Dead Astrologer

A new low in psychic fakery: Zoradamus, whom we all know is a fake psychic and robot, is now sending her emails as "Germaine Soliel," the name of a prominent French astrologer who died in 1996.  And "Zoradamus" now wants you to call her "Zora, Your Personal Astral Adviser." She must be desperate...good job, horoscope fans....let's drive the fraud "Zoradamus" out of business.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

When an Online Astrologer Says, "Act Now or You Will Miss Your Lucky Transit"

When an online astrologer predicts a "lucky transit" for you in a few days or weeks -- but says you will miss this once in a lifetime chance for luck and money unless you purchase her guidance, her spells, or other services, right now...is that true? what should you do?  http://sylviasky.hubpages.com/hub/When-an-Online-Astrologer-Tells-You-Act-Now-Before-You-Miss-Your-Chance