Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Meaning of the Rare Transit of Venus, June 5-6, 2012

For the first time since 1882 and the final time until 2117, the planet Venus will cross between the earth and sun, allowing us to watch (using eye protection, as with a solar eclipse) the planet travel across the sun's face. Astronomers will be watching and astrologers will be pondering the meaning as the transit occurs at 15 degrees of Gemini. Find out how and whether you'll be able to witness this once-in-a-lifetime sky event, where to watch it via webcam, what events the Transit of Venus has brought in past epochs, and what it might bring us for the rest of this century. The article on the Transit of Venus is well-researched by Sylvia Sky, who's also been following the forty-day Venus retrograde that occurs every 18 months and continues until June 25.

Fun Predictions for the 2012 Venus Transit Aftermath

  • Some astrologers say that the transit of Venus can bring your soulmate, but Venus is always in retrograde during its solar transit, so it is more likely that soon after the transit, individuals will see a current or former relationship in a different light.
  • Understanding foreign languages and "accents" will soon be solved by instant-translation technologies.
  • Cars in 2011 can already park themselves; they will soon drive themselves (while we are texting or putting on makeup).
  • Lotteries will offer as their prize not millions of dollars but health care for life.
  • Colleges will replace basic English and math classes with online self-paced learning.
  • Instead of measuring intelligence or skills, public schools will measure loyalty. They will teach not in classrooms but by requiring students to check in at different locations and workplaces.
  • Child labor laws will be amended for children who want to work. Adults will retire from working much earlier than they do now; perhaps will be required to do so.
  • School applicants will describe not what they want to do after graduation but the scientific or social problem they intend to use their school years to solve. If they don't solve this problem, they must pay tuition. Schools will own the patents or copyrights on students' school-related work.
  • Human body parts for transplants will be globally traded and shipped until "intelligent" implantable body parts such as artificial kidneys are invented.
  • Corporations will pay college expenses for students who agree to be groomed as their future employees.
  • Electronic books will contain commercials. Large publishers will issue mainly books with computer-written content fully approved by their mega-corporation. All other books will be sold in specialized shops, or by authors selling them door-to-door to buyers who want books written by human beings, not computers.
  • In the U.S., artistic creativity will be a rare skill and outsourced to other countries.
  • Poetry will become a popular entertainment form and a global political force.
  • Personal health will be continually monitored and we will be penalized or fined for not exercising or for eating unapproved foods.
  • Wireless communications and media devices will be implantable in ears and brains and "telepathic" communication will become possible.
  • Powerful new female leaders will empower marginalized and poor women.
  • A global communications or technological disaster will open up entirely new business, educational, and technology fields and lead to higher consciousness and a different set of values.