Thursday, December 29, 2016

Adrian Ross Duncan: He's Not Real at

Adrian Ross Duncan, a genuine astrologer associated with the fake astrology site, responded to my questions about his integrity--questions raised by dozens of my readers--in an email I copied onto this blog in February 2016. Since then he has allowed his name to be used by homepage as the "founder" of the site, which he is not--it is owned and run by New Peak Media, Inc.--and on fake, mass-produced free email horoscope "readings" from He also appears in video promotions for the site. The homepage openly states that its readings are for entertainment only, not real.

In Duncan's own words:

Early last year, AstrologyAnswers asked me if I would help them promote the reports. As I believe in my reports, I am happy to promote them, which I have done with videos. However, the emails used by AstrologyAnswers were absolutely awful. So there is a stipulation in my contract that any mails using my name may be edited by me. This process of editing  lasted from May 2014 to December 2014, as their copywriters test the results of every edited mail. Unfortunately my name has been associated with some crappy emails in the process, which is regrettable. They keep writing new mails, so it is hard to keep track.

So don't take the name "Adrian Ross Duncan" seriously as a source of horoscopes, if you ever did. Especially free ones. Consumer complaints against the messages written under his name are piling up. His email defending and explaining himself I will leave on this blog as a historical record.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Angela, Guardian Angel Medium

A full report about Angela's "guardian angel medium" qualifications will be posted soon.  Here's the discovery story and what I know so far. Angela's angel messenger website, created in February 2016, shares corporate roots in Hong Kong with George Tupak, known fake Visionary Shaman. His drawing power is waning. Tupak introduced her to me via his barrage of almost-daily emails.

So sorry that anyone who loves angels should know that "Angela" is fake and that nothing in angel lore says they work through mediums. In every historical report they appear to human beings one-on-one.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Best Magazine Horoscopes

I read and rated magazine horoscopes for quality, authenticity, and entertainment value, found out about their astrologer-authors, and the reasons the best are the best -- and why others aren't. Surprise: horoscopes in Town & Country magazine! Surprise: no horoscopes in the glossies VogueGlamour and Vanity Fair (they used to have them!), and O. Click to see the article.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Spellcaster Who Curses Customers: Arabella

I've now published actual screenshots of horribly abusive recent emails from UK online spellcaster "Arabella," responding to a first-time paying customer who wanted a refund. "She" has been cursing customers, potential customers, and critics since at least 2011. See the whole story and the emails, and please share the story. UK readers, what do you know about Justin Toper?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Claire Astrologer at

I tried Claire the astrologer at Astrology-Revealed, and she sent with my free reading the first actual birth chart I've seen in 10 years of investigating offers like hers. Read the full, all-new review.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beware of AstroMary and True Tarot

"Mary" is the new "Jenna" at You can also buy AstroMary's incorrect readings and advice at She's already got several consumer complaints. Another online reader to avoid is, who promised to send a reading within 24 hours but sent only an instant email begging for "donations" through PayPal, $3 here, $8 there. . .and if you don't donate, "she" sends the free reading a week later.

TrueTarot indicates a new trend in psychic ripoffs: calling payments "Donations" and having "Donation" buttons for payment. TrueTarot wants a "donation" of $39 for three months or $59 for six months of guidance. Is it a donation if they tell you what to pay? The advantage to them is that money you technically "donate" is not refundable.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Jenna's Back with a New Site

Jenna, the psychic/astrologer--"her" site abandoned in late 2014 thanks to bad reviews--tells me in a new email, the first I've received from "her" in months, that my next three months of 2016 will really matter, and for $29--a new low in terms of pricing--she'll guide me and tell me my lucky days.

After leaving her clients suddenly stranded, "Jenna" moved to the site "," but, surprise, she's no longer there; a "Mary" has replaced her. Links in the recent email led me to Jenna's next new website, "," a site that has only a homepage at this time. Links in the email took me to a drawing of  the "Energizing Crystal Grid" which "Jenna" asserts she made specifically for me.

In the email, "Jenna" claimed the planet Venus will be retrograde much of the year. In fact, the planet Venus will not retrograde at all during 2016. Whoever wrote "Jenna's" letter could simply have Googled "Venus retrograde" and learned that. But they're too--lazy? Dumb?--in any case, you still don't want to pay Jenna to give you readings or grids of any kind, astrological, numerological, crystallogical,, or psychic.

There is much more astrological misinformation in the email, but I think one big, blatant instance is enough to convince us that this new site--which the owner opened in February 2016--isn't going to revive the once-popular false astrologer "Jenna." She won't have clients until she offers real readings, and it doesn't seem as if there's any chance of that.