Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Horoscope Review: "Padre," Your Guardian Angel's Middleman

"Padre," a new online fortuneteller, says he has the power to talk personally with your guardian angel. He says your angel wants you to to listen to him and pay him $106. "Padre" is not a priest, just happens to look like one. Clever programming on this site dealt me a new guardian angel each time, despite my entering identical information. Full review is here.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Astro-Readings.com: Just Say "Norah"

You'll see ads around for Astro-Readings.com, and looking into this firm I found it's another of those "guy-based-in-France" spinoffs, his main mealticket being the notorious "Norah" fake astrologer of premiumastrology.com. So don't be fooled. By the way, purchased reports from Astro-Readings.com are final after 6 days. That's right, no refund after 6 days (far different from Norah's 6 months). Buyer beware. And golly, the English on the FAQ page is awful!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jenna Astrologer Changes Her URL from AboutAstro.com to The-Astrology.com

After thousands of customer complaints about her shabby "readings" and shabby customer service, Jenna the psychic astrologer at AboutAstro.com has changed her Web address to The-Astrology.com. There is no change in the services offered, nor the fees: Just the site's owner trying to hide a well-earned negative reputation and hundreds of bitter customer reviews. Read the updated Jenna review here, and the comments from her former clients.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Valentina Tarot: Veiled Threats and No Refunds

"Valentina Tarot" gives "free readings" that turn up the same cards for everybody, including a message in blurry blue type predicting that a scumbag lover will run away with your money. She'll clarify the message and avert the disaster if you send your money to her, through Paypal only. The terms: There are no refunds, ever. Here's the full review.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

"The Extraordinary Chris" at PsychicReadingsForFree.com

Have you heard of The Extraordinary Chris who will read your personality and love life through a combination of stars, Tarot, and "astro-telepathic contact"? Want to see where he works? I found a picture. Whatever you do, don't join his site because your membership (and credit-card charges, because contrary to his URL his psychic readings cost money) will renew forever. Click here for my detailed review: http://hub.me/agmvq.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: USA-Astrology.com

You'll never guess who's selling her old services for $20 less than the usual through the new URLs USA-Astrology.com and IN-Astrology.com (the latter, hoping to tempt customers from India). These two new fortunetelling websites are now being heavily advertised on Google. Hint about "her": "Her" regular website sank beneath the weight of bad reviews. I got my free reading, too. Check out my review of USA-Astrology here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Susan Miller's Horoscope Scandal: Facts Only

Famed New York City-based astrologer Susan Miller of Astrologyzone.com aims to post her monthly horoscopes by the first of each month, but postings during 2014 have often been late: March 2, May 7, June 4, July 7, August 6, with Miller often blaming delays on personal illness or having to wait for her IT team. In July an online article in the magazine The Atlantic titled, "Dude, Where's My Horoscope?" reported that some of Miller's six and a half million fans complained of feeling "abandoned" or "taken for granted" when Miller's horoscopes are late. By September 3, bitter complaints about the missing September horoscope appear on Miller's Facebook page, balanced by fans calling for patience and prayer. This is the first time a missing monthly horoscope has blown up into a scandal.

Miller has a business degree from NYU and has written horoscopes syndicated by Disney and ABC.com; she set up AstrologyZone.com in 2001. A February 18, 2013, profile in New York Magazine called her "the go-to astrologer for New York's fashion set" and noted Miller's loquaciousness, her many ailments including a broken wrist, and five bottles of painkillers. By her own description, Miller was a sickly child.

Miller or her assistant posted on Miller's Facebook and Twitter accounts (@astrologyzone) that on or near April 15's total eclipse of the moon, Miller had an acute attack of intestinal bleeding. She kept fans posted about her progress, lapses, and medications. Soon after September's fan complaints began, her website was reduced to a notice on the homepage that Susan is ill and the horoscope for September 2014 will be online "as soon as possible."

Why are so many people so impatient for Susan Miller's horoscopes? Miller's monthly horoscopes are lengthy--about 3,000 encouraging, specific, spirited and some say incredibly accurate, 3000 words long each, and free.

Here are some facts:

April 1, 2014: April forecast posted.

April 20: Miller tweeted: "April 15 eclipse hit me hard with a mysterious infection. Pills really strong so I sleep and sleep. This is not like me! Sorry not here!"

May 7: May horoscopes posted.

June 4: June horoscopes posted.

July 5, 2014: A Reddit post by a fan discusses "Is anyone else pissed off by Susan Miller?" regarding the late horoscopes and their excuses, usually related to Miller's health.

July 7: July horoscopes posted. Miller tweets "After 40 days on corticosteroid, 95% of problem gone, now stepping down off the pills. But doc not happy with my progress. . ."

July 11: The staid, elite magazine Atlantic Monthly online edition publishes "Dude, Where's My Horoscope?" an article about bitter complaints that Susan Miller's much-anticipated monthly forecasts have been consistently late: March 2, May 7, June 4, July 7. After July's posting, Facebook fans accuse Miller of taking them for granted.

August 6: August horoscopes posted.

August 18: On Facebook, Miller announces that she is taking new medicine and also is launching a brand-new AstrologyZone app. Unlike the previous app AstrologyZone Premier, which downloaded for a single payment of $1.99, this new app's costs subscribers $50 per year. AstrologyZone Premier is no longer available.

On Twitter the same day, Susan posts about her bleeding intestines "open since April" and separately answers a follower question about the difference between the new and old app: "In the paid version you get 75 words + every day, per sign and access to evergreen personality info. More juicy content." This is followed by other same-day Twitter postings.

August 20: Susan's assistant reports on Facebook and Twitter that Susan is taking Humira, a medicine for Crohn's disease, a chronic intestinal disorder.

September 3: Miller or her team changed her Facebook cover photo from her face to the AstrologyZone logo and the website is reduced to a single page saying Susan is ill. Fans angry about the late horoscope post comments such as: "So this is really a gimmick to help pay for what..? the apps developers? Feign illness. . .?"

September 5: The first Facebook and Twitter posts since August 20 appear. Miller tells agitated fans and well-wishers that she has completed the monthly Sun-sign summaries but is taking the time to write complete forecasts as usual.

September 12: September horoscopes are published.

Quelling the Rumors: There is no question that Susan Miller personally knows astrology; her astrological facts, presented online since 1995, are accurate. There's no proof that Miller is a certified astrologer, but most astrologers are not certified; the certification exams tests are complicated, expensive, and given at one location once a year. Astrology is taught and learned, a skill, not "psychic" or an inborn gift, so speculations that Miller has "lost the gift" or that it "died with her mother" (in 2012) are wildly off the mark. Crohn's disease is chronic, ulcerates the intestines and is exacerbated by stress.