Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beware of AstroMary and True Tarot

"Mary" is the new "Jenna" at You can also buy AstroMary's incorrect readings and advice at She's already got several consumer complaints. Another online reader to avoid is, who promised to send a reading within 24 hours but sent only an instant email begging for "donations" through PayPal, $3 here, $8 there. . .and if you don't donate, "she" sends the free reading a week later.

TrueTarot indicates a new trend in psychic ripoffs: calling payments "Donations" and having "Donation" buttons for payment. TrueTarot wants a "donation" of $39 for three months or $59 for six months of guidance. Is it a donation if they tell you what to pay? The advantage to them is that money you technically "donate" is not refundable.