Friday, August 27, 2010

Horoscope Review: Personalized DailyTransits From

Few astrology sites will calculate your transits daily and for free, but since 1995 the site of the late, flamboyant astrologer Adze Mixxe has continuously done that. With your input, the "Personal Daily Horoscope" part of the site figures the position of the planets at your birth and compares them with the current, always-changing planetary positions. The result is a list of aspects, which Adze's site interprets, a little bit.

After entering your information once, bookmark and visit to see lists of what astrologers call "transits" or "transitory aspects" : today's, tomorrow's, and yesterday's. But on Mixxe's site these are communicated in astrological symbols or glyphs. Unless you know your glyphs you get only Mixxe's brief and quirky computerized advice for each aspect: advice categorized as useful for either hours, days, or weeks. It might be a long list of aspects. It might be short. The calculations are accurate; they aren't the problem.

The problem is that Mixxe died in 1997 and the site treats his words as sacred. Were he alive he'd update the antique look of this site and delete Paul McCartney and Heather Mills as a Celebrity Hot Couple. He'd likely expand or refine his advice for each aspect. For transiting Pluto square natal Jupiter, he advises, "Challenge motivations," a phrase so vague it can't be called "wrong," but not very helpful either. Another aspect advised reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, so I did, and I can't say it hurt me, but it took up my time.

Know that entering your birth information does not generate a natal horoscope or "personality reading." The site offers that and other types of computerized horoscopes for a fee. Do not bother with the site's free daily Sun-sign forecasts. As one of the earliest online astrologers, Mixxe could not benefit from a competitive atmosphere such as we have today. Seekers can now choose from many daily Sun-sign scopes of more value.

Mixxe's site attracts me only when I'm too lazy to calculate my own transits. I then interpret the results using other resources. So should you. I give two stars out of five for continuing to offer free transit calculations.

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