Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beware of "Jenna" at

Beware of free horoscopes offered by online astrologers who go by their first names only. True astrologers use their full names so you can google them or buy their books. The sole reason to use only a first name is to thwart research and investigation. In the case of, the provider is "Jenna." Strike one.

But if the first-name basis and freebie offer have you convinced that Jenna wouldn't let you down, enter contact information and after 48 hours receive by email a link back to her website, where your free horoscope waits, secure. There, "a long personal text," 3600 words of rambling double talk and blither, not a horoscope and not personalized except with your name and birthdate, begins by wishing you (on September 16) a Happy New Year 2010. Strike two.

Naturally it’s a year of opportunity and true love. Yet “Only a professional astrologer can read your Skies correctly. . . . Sylvia, I warn you in this way because the stakes concerning this period are far too high. You need a professional to help you through this vitally important time in your life. This Transit is too significant and too important not to try and get all the chances over on your side." Jenna says Mars has been opposing my fifth house for SEVERAL YEARS NOW. In fact, transiting Mars doesn't stay anywhere in the sky for “several years.” Strike three.

But golly, I don't have any common sense, so clicked to her ordering page (with testimonials from people with first names only) where I plan to put $60 on my VISA for a "second" astrological reading plus Jenna's two e-books: one on clairvoyance, including secrets for developing my own, and the other on "radiestheisia" [sic] so I may try guiding my spiritual self and changing my life by playing with a pendulum.

Before trusting a one-name wonder, I should have googled “Jenna Astrologer.” And found that “Jenna” and have collected over the years many bitter complaints.

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  1. Thank you for this information, I'm glad I looked her up before I sent her money.

  2. I wish I had found this information before handing over my now cancled credit card information to "Jenna" I have not found any place that said she misuses the information on my card but it is better to be safe than sorry.
    And other old sayings can be used here, a fool and his money are soon parted, I was foolish in trusting a true reading from "Jenna" as she laughs all the way to the bank.

  3. thanks for the information

  4. Thanx. I understood from the first review of my "horoscope/future" that there is something fishy. She mentioned that my no. was 4 and many important things happened in my life- which is not true. Another reel was that due to some one's influence-which is still there I have not been able to be blossomed. Yet another that one gret opportunity knocked on my door during 2008, and I missed it. Which is also not true. Now she says that she would send books on clairvoyance, crystal, Tarot medium etc. As a Christian I can't do that. I believe in Jesus and I know He is capable of giving me the right thing at the appointed time.

  5. I'm no christian or any other religion for that matter, nevertheless i thank God for my ability to be sceptic (i googled Jenna BEFORE i ordered the expensive reading): VERY glad i did.....

    1. same here. jenna is actually a french MAN !!! and a super fraud.but there is a jenna something who is actually a good reader.

  6. I just reply her email.She want me to add her in my personal phone number.How can i block her?

  7. i almost belive in her emails and beautiful words. Good thing i researched google first.

  8. hi jenna.

    I paid the money, but you did not return to me.Why do not you answer me?

  9. Can some1 plz get me a good astrologer!!

  10. thank u for this information. I have been receiving long emails talking about the shifting of my planets. thank u for the information... I will be careful.