Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jenna's Higher Prices at, home of "Jenna Astrologer," a heavily-advertised online bot offering free 2013 horoscopes identical for everyone, updated the site since I last visited, so I recently rewrote my Jenna review. Jenna is still fictional and doesn't give refunds, but here is what's new:
  • Instead of being a total joke, the 2013 free reading was partially rewritten to contain some accurate astrology, such as the mention of Uranus square Pluto. But the "103-day transit" that is predicted to be so lucky for you, which doesn't exist in astrology, is still there.
  • now boasts a team of astrologers, and gives their "bibliographies" (the correct word is "biographies"). They are real astrologers, but their contribution to is old information they wrote for astrology software programs years ago. "Jenna's " biography is not included. That is because she is and always was fiction.
  •  The price of "Jenna's" "second reading" -- the one the free one pushes you to buy -- rose from $60 to $80. It is totally computerized. $80 is an insane price for a computerized horoscope. You can get an equivalent computerized natal reading or compatibility reading absolutely free from Or for $14.95 you can get several kinds of readings, same as Jenna's, from, because that's where "Jenna" got her material.
  •'s free reading now says you can contact a real astrologer instead of Jenna, but you'd better act fast to learn the exact dates you must act to get the money, status and true soulmate which "Jenna" predicts (for everyone) in 2013. And of course her $80 reading, because it's computerized, will be the fastest. 
  • On the directly-accessed homepage there is no Jenna! Maybe "she" is on her way out!
Seek a real astrologer here: Don't search FindAnAstrologer by city; that will be frustrating. Do a search through this link, which shows all the astrologers. For $80 or a bit more you can get a reading from a real astrologer whose references you can check and who will answer all your questions.

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