Sunday, January 4, 2015

Valentina Tarot: Veiled Threats and No Refunds

"Valentina Tarot" gives "free readings" that turn up the same cards for everybody, including a message in blurry blue type predicting that a scumbag lover will run away with your money. She'll clarify the message and avert the disaster if you send your money to her, through Paypal only. The terms: There are no refunds, ever. Here's the full review.


  1. Ok! Chris do the 3 days for me and send me that pendant you made me.Now how do I get the donation to you?

  2. I too had received a free reading with a blurred blue written letter from Valentina.After paying £39 i eagerly waited for my full reading 3 days passed and she emailed me a voice message saying i needed to send a message to let me know what she had discovered i emailed back stating that i paid and was waiting for my reading then i came across your review.wish i had seen this first ,now feel cheated in more ways than one .!!

  3. The same thing happened to me too. I feel cheated and embarrassed that I actually fell for this scam. I'm waiting to see if I will ever receive my full reading after having paid £39. Well I believe in karma...