Thursday, December 29, 2016

Adrian Ross Duncan: He's Not Real at

Adrian Ross Duncan, a genuine astrologer associated with the fake astrology site, responded to my questions about his integrity--questions raised by dozens of my readers--in an email I copied onto this blog in February 2016. Since then he has allowed his name to be used by homepage as the "founder" of the site, which he is not--it is owned and run by New Peak Media, Inc.--and on fake, mass-produced free email horoscope "readings" from He also appears in video promotions for the site. The homepage openly states that its readings are for entertainment only, not real.

In Duncan's own words:

Early last year, AstrologyAnswers asked me if I would help them promote the reports. As I believe in my reports, I am happy to promote them, which I have done with videos. However, the emails used by AstrologyAnswers were absolutely awful. So there is a stipulation in my contract that any mails using my name may be edited by me. This process of editing  lasted from May 2014 to December 2014, as their copywriters test the results of every edited mail. Unfortunately my name has been associated with some crappy emails in the process, which is regrettable. They keep writing new mails, so it is hard to keep track.

So don't take the name "Adrian Ross Duncan" seriously as a source of horoscopes, if you ever did. Especially free ones. Consumer complaints against the messages written under his name are piling up. His email defending and explaining himself I will leave on this blog as a historical record.


  1. You'd think he could've predicted that wasn't such a great path to take wouldn't you😐

  2. Yes he real pinch him c if he acknowledges u. I know he is a real Duncan fer sure u go adrian Ross Duncan u can give me my horoscope any time maybe my winning numbers too. Nikki Duncan

  3. Thanks for the insight, I had my reservations about him particularly when an email arrived from a Las Vegas address of origin. I will delete then block his [their, New Media] emails. 05/17/2017

  4. Brilliant Sylvia. I paid $300 to After seeing a video by Adrian Ross Duncan. I am writing a book called KARMA...that is the reason I paid. After reading my chart etc... for two days I asked for my money back. Only the following produced the FULL refund-Adrian Ross Duncan has I know 'sold' his name for a price to you...that is NOT clear on your web site.

    I am very near to talking to my UK MP to consider legislation that ALL 'prediction' sites have a clear statement on their first web page that it is for 'ENTERTAINMENT' only. Thank you again Sylvia.

  5. I was supprised first of all that my place of birth wasn't requested to create the astrological chart which is strange in this project and the first beep of doubt begins.
    Then I saw mass email production tendencies and similarities with other's horoscopes when I googled his name, wording, promises, etc, etc.
    He might be a reliable astrologer, but I prefer to begin one on one basis, with his own website, number and best reviews.

  6. Adrian Duncan is an astrologer whose horoscopes and articles I've generally found to be insightful. It's regrettable that he became associated with a skeevy online company. I'll also note that spiritual tools such as prayer and astrology and others aren't magic perfection pills. They're just ways and means by which you can make a specific connection with God or Spirit. And we all have our different lessons to learn.