Sunday, December 11, 2016

Angela, Guardian Angel Medium

A full report about Angela's "guardian angel medium" qualifications will be posted soon.  Here's the discovery story and what I know so far. Angela's angel messenger website, created in February 2016, shares corporate roots in Hong Kong with George Tupak, known fake Visionary Shaman. His drawing power is waning. Tupak introduced her to me via his barrage of almost-daily emails.

So sorry that anyone who loves angels should know that "Angela" is fake and that nothing in angel lore says they work through mediums. In every historical report they appear to human beings one-on-one.


  1. I was stupidly duped by this Angela, and parted with money. I complained and did get my money back, but this is junk, dont' be duped like me.

  2. Just knew that Angela's fake ,iwanmy £29 back which was my first installment,I have ignored her messages for awhile now cos I had a feeling there was no real person messaging me they are fakes

  3. I had a feeling Angela was a fake,they never get back to your emails if you Ask a question,she keeps wanting payments after you pay for one service & the funny part about all his is nothing ever good happens what a load of crap! She owes me £29 which I paid to her for a first installment ,she best not comeforanymore money,something told me to come on here to find out about thease mediums such as Angela & Marie ,I've already unsubscribed to Maria now I shall do the same to Angela ,I've been promised huge amounts of money just after Christmas,what a load of tripe.fake fake take nonsense all of it,has anyone else had any false promises from this woman?

  4. Many thanks to your advice,
    I can assure these information's this site is fake as I ahve paid payment just last week and asked to refund my payment but no one reply to my emails.
    Please to all people take care from Angela medium site it is fake.

  5. Is Angela guardian angel medium real or fake???¿¿¿!!!?