Saturday, July 24, 2010 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, by "professional European astrologers" who are never named, in fact comes from a site based in Utah, U.S.A., and almost certainly the "European" astrologer/writer is Valentin Dragu-Banu, a Romanian translator and webmaster for whom English is clearly a second language. has a homepage with advice for all signs; individual daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes; and Sun-sign compatibility notes. The site is easy to navigate. Its advice, however, takes a brusque, no-frills approach which can feel refreshing but more often feels like someone wagging a finger in your face. Sample daily scope, Aquarius, July 25, 2010:

"The results of your efforts at work over the last period of time will start showing. You will have the opportunity to assert yourself in society, but the tense atmosphere around you will not work in your favour.

You are advised to avoid meeting with friends today, for you might easily be involved in a quarrel.

You'd better avoid driving today, for you are prone to causing an accident."

Good to know. However, about half the time Eastrolog sounds like a Chinese menu. For example:

"Aquarius’ Love & Relationships Horoscope In July 2010

In your relational life there are two significant directions: one of them highlights shared intellectual preoccupations and communication, and the other highlights an increase of the interest in sexuality, not for the pleasure in itself, but for the influence it can have on the harmony in the couple.

The conclusion can be that July 2010 might be an excellent month to discuss with the partner various aspects of eroticism, maybe even have an update of the knowledge in the field."

Dragu knows what's going on in the sky, but Eastrolog is not good counsel for a casual horoscope fan or one who needs guidance more complex or nuanced. Dragu is a professional translator and it sounds as if the "Love and Relationship" scope above was run through translation software. Nonetheless I check Eastrolog occasionally, particularly when I'm impatient to read "tomorrow's" horoscope. Two stars out of five.

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