Saturday, July 17, 2010

Michael Lutin's Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes, Plus More

Michael Lutin used to write the witty and knowledgeable horoscopes for Vanity Fair, and that's how I became his devotee. just got a makeover, much for the better, but to see your "Daily Fix" you must still scroll down the home page. "Daily Fix" is blanket advice for all signs, based the day's most powerful planetary energies. I find this helpful and feel secure because Mikey knows his ephemeris. Daily Fix messages are often riddled with typos probably because busy "Mikey" lives in fast-paced NYC, but you'll know what he means.

Find Lutin's "Next Week in Review" scopes -- for all twelve signs -- through the menu buttons on the left. They usually are refreshed late Monday or early Tuesday. I take them seriously. Lutin's "Your Monthly" predictions are a single paragraph, except for the sign concurrent with the Sun, and not as helpful. My bookmark is on the Daily Fix.

On the homepage's right side are the premium offerings. For $15 Mikey will email you his interpretation of, say, Saturn leaving Virgo for Libra and what it will mean to your Sun sign. I ordered one and felt it was not worth $15. For free, and to get a sense of who Michael Lutin is, see his five-minute YouTube video on Pluto in Capricorn. He believes it means "you're (all of us) under surveillance," and "the party's over" -- and he's so right. Four stars out of five.

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