Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: and "Katherine" takes a soft-sell approach. Its weekly-horoscope emails are based on genuine planetary motions and weekly email "Beneficial Thoughts" contain no links beckoning you to buy readings. There are plenty of common-sense articles to peruse on its home page. But, oops...the owners (there is no "Katherine") made some mistakes and leaked some info that undermine their credibility. Click here for the details.

Many have asked about Adrian Ross Duncan, a real astrologer and his association with this site. I emailed him and have posted exactly what he told me: here.


  1. I received from Norah and Katherine both addressing me as Nameste(sp?) and as I kept reading, what was said was the same as the other reading, several paragraphs long. Thus, I concluded to myself that both must be the same person, or the same methodology that spit out the same thing. I am glad that I googled.

    1. Out of amusement I actually signed up. It started at some high price and ended at $20. That is the price of about 5 cups of coffee. Now imagine a factory full of little elves in Canada or Vegas and this is the basis of the site. I have enjoyed enormous fun pointing out their nonsense and to their credit they do reply with a series of different names as support staff. In order to convey mystic qualities they use Namaste which is Hindi for a standard greeting like Hello. They justified this by talking about the historical significance and the clasping of hands. Well as you know English Goodbye is derived from "God be with you" and the Arabic greeting is similar. I pointed out that snce they are not Hindus it was just pretentious. They claim that you are just about to enter a once in a life time transit period. But I used several different emails to find they tell everyone that. They send out so called readings which are wonderfull for me because they go out at about 6 am North American time for the day. Being in Australia that is exactly 24 hours late so I am able to read what "didn't happen" the day before!
      They offer all sorts of extras for which you are able to pay for exclusivity. I didn't go that far! But in the "sell" mode you get the most boring American Voice which would be beneficial to insomniacs who would be asleep in five minutes. You have all heard of the Nigerian Bank scams and they still catch idiots out there, well this is a more clever method as it gets regular deposits of $20 to $40 and for idiots in the $100s. It obviously keeps a warehouse or office with several people employed and masquerades under "legal" status . The Nigerians could learn a lot.

  2. This site does not work


  4. Hello!

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  5. Scam. Don't fall for it. Unfortunately, I did.

  6. They advertise 100% guarantee and only refund 50% when you wake up and realize the "guide" is some sort of template they just plug other template made sentences in to. Total farce!! Stay away!

  7. I am sure glad I googled this site

  8. High 5 to those who are pleased that they googled this site.

  9. I note that the scam seems to be in the enormous amount of posts here from people called, not surprisingly, "Anonymous". I came here looking for a decent review of the site only to find even the link takes you to someone else's opinion yet is stated as 'fact'. I find this appalling. Anyone wanting to be treated as credible needs to at least show evidence of their credibility... I see none here in this blog or in any of the comments!

    Annoyed by constant bloggers professing to know what they are talking about and so called reviews which don't hold a grain of truth. And just to show you how annoying it is - I too am going Anonymous!

  10. Say, November 5 Anonymous, you lack courage just as much as those you criticize.

  11. Dear "appalled" and "annoyed by constant bloggers," my reviews are careful and factual, and I included images in my review to prove "Katherine's" links to a known fake and very unprofessional misspellings, so it's not a matter of mere opinion. I've studied astrology for 35 years and will do all I can to keep online charlatans from taking people's hard-earned money.

  12. I was thoroughly regret giving my money to Astrology Answers. The Life-Changing Astrology Guide looks like it gets put together by a computer or a lazy person, as there are many grammatical and punctuational errors. I did not receive any of the books mentioned, and the monthly horoscope (extra $) are far less insightful than free readings. Wrote and explained my situation, and never heard back. Also really disliked the manipulative psychology they use to get more money out of someone at checkout.

  13. Don't fall into so called "Katherine" scam. I have lost all what I have saved for years believing the lies predicted by Katherine of the so called Transit Period. The truth & the DANGER is they are good astrologists. Katherine will predict all about you as if she lived next door to your house. 100% correct. There onwards the game starts. TRANSIT OF PLANETS. I am a commodity broker & badly got caught to these bunch of cheats & spent all what I got on trvelling & arranging meetings overseas to execute a deal as i'm on the so called Transit Period. Now 2 years gone. No reply & they don't have my file. The customer service replies me saying "we wish you luck today & everyday" _Roshan

  14. No 100% guarnatee. Only 50% at best. Complete liars and dishonest!!!