Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Susan Miller Alternatives: Good Monthly Horoscopes

Susan Miller's monthly sun sign predictions are late -- and her site,, has been reduced to a single page, saying she's ill. I wrote an article listing six other monthly horoscopes to enjoy while you wait for Susan to recover from what's been ailing her, selecting them for high quality: Best Free Online Monthly Horoscopes.

Online critics allege that she's not really sick but on drugs, that her mother who died in 2012 was the real astrologer and Susan is clueless, that she can't manage her life. (Miller has a business degree from NYU.) I think she's a terrifically hard-working woman, not young, between 50 and 60, whose body has broken down from writing half a million words a year, the equivalent of nine full books. Even so she took time to email me when I wrote a review of her site, and helped me correct an error.

I say the complainers got spoiled expecting every month free gloriously specific and highly accurate 3500-word horoscopes for each sign, encouraging and warm, entirely original and never computerized. Miller says she spent the last 10 days of each month working on them. That amount of work would take most writer/astrologers three times as long.  Susan, get well soon.


  1. Get well, Susan, and thank you Sylvia.

  2. She's excellent and very REAL! And thank you for all your excellent and real articles!!