Saturday, October 16, 2010

Horoscope Review: Gabriella, as Psychic as a Toilet Seat

After you click on a line ad saying “Free Horoscope Reading” and send your information, Gabriella Psychic and Spiritual Medium sends an email with a confirmation link. It says, in part, “our meeting is no accident. . . .The proof of this is that I’ve just now had a vision: United States, that’s where happened [sic]. That’s why I’ve decided to let you benefit from a special priority Reading. Please, note that I can only do that for people for which I feel a deep and special connection.”

Then in an hour or two Gabriella emails: “Yes, Sylvia, in you I have discovered someone of high morals and ethics who is also extremely sensitive.” This email links to my “reading,” not of a horoscope, but of three Tarot cards. Later, using a different name and email address, I requested another “reading" and got one that was identical. Both times Gabriella recommended a “Grand Indepth Astral Reading.” But her "inner voice" told her I couldn’t pay $200, her usual fee, so she will charge me only $49. She furnished a convenient link for my credit card or PayPal payment. A bit later I get an email saying slyly, “I know you have read my email.” She knows because I gave her that confirmation link that let her track me. The next email begins, “Sylvia, I don’t want to panic you, but…” and further emails pestered me every few hours until I unsubscribed.

Gabriella’s testimonials include nameless people photographed with supersized checks from Vegas and lotteries. Her bio says she studied astrology alongside a 33rd degree Grand Master and is the only Westerner taught "the secrets of" celestial magic by “the great Indian Master Shri Maliki.” Then there’s a quote from Clairvoyance Mag : “Several foreign magazines have already voted Gabriella ‘Best Psychic of the Year’…”

Needless to say, there is no Clairvoyance magazine or “Best Psychic of the Year” award. Her Indian Master is not referenced anywhere else on the Net; “Maliki” is in fact a form of Sunni Islam canon law; nothing celestial about it. The title “Grand Master” is given to every top officer in local freemason chapters, and their “33rd degree” designation, although it sounds dramatic, is meaningless, like the honorary degrees that colleges give their wealthy donors. Even if Masons were astrologers, which they aren’t, their men-only club wouldn’t be training women. Maybe Gabriella did study astrology “alongside” her freemason grandpa, but she gave no indication that she knows or practices astrology at all. I foresee that it’s best if you avoid Gabriella. She's about as psychic as a toilet seat. Rating: zero stars out of five.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors 70-plus online horoscope sites for quality and accuracy. Read more horoscope reviews clicking here. Copyright 2010 by Sylvia Sky.


  1. Thanks for this post. I received very similar emails!

  2. Thanks a lot for this eye opener!It helped me avoiding a pitfall. Let me bring this site to your notice which carries the same description as Gabriella but with the name Ms. Singh!! Same stories cooked up:33rd degree, Maliki (copy and pasted)...

  3. Thanks a lot for this eye opener! I helped me avoiding a pitfall.
    Also I would like to bring this site to your notice, which carries similar description as Gabriella but with a name Ms. Singh. Same background mentioned: 33rd degree, Maliki and same words are copy pasted

  4. I guess the Trick of sending the mail "“I know you have read/reading my email.” is that when one clicks on the link given in d email to read the first free prediction, it is directed to her website. By this server comes to know that when a particular page is acessed, the user is reading it, then send another email..i know you are reading my psychic power has a deep connection on telepathic link

  5. I had the feeling she was a scam artist!

  6. This review truly is a blessing. I almost fell for it too. I think that this type of person preys on people in hopeless situations... That is horrible. Thank you for your detailed report. I received the identical information you described. I am very disappointed.

  7. Unfortunately I must admit that I was tricked into believing her. All my e-mails were exactly as described by you I paid funds twice and then common sense prevailed and I put a stop to it.
    So sorry I did not take trouble to explore this link beforehand.

    are all fake robot scams that hurt people who are vulnerable. Please research and find a psychic that is genuine who you can talk to or communicate with normally. I found a good psychic at I had a accurate skype reading with them. Thanks

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